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P89 Series Disc Brakes

Ride with the Superior Semi-Trailer Braking Performance of SAF Air Disc Brakes

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SAF P89 Semi Disc Brakes – Ideal for on-highway van, reefer and tank trailer fleets.

SAF HOLLAND is recognized as a global leader in semi air disc brake technology, with millions of tractor trailer disc brake axles in service, worldwide, since 1996.

Disc brakes simply provide better performance than drum brakes. They stop shorter for increased safety and reduce maintenance for lower total cost of ownership.

Reduced Maintenance

  • Significantly Longer Brake Pad Life for Extended Service Intervals – Some fleets have reported a substantial increase in miles between brake jobs.
  • Replacing Disc Brake Pads Takes Less Than Half the Time – When compared to replacing conventional drum brake linings.
  • Lower Risk for Out-of-Service Adjustment Violations – When compared to drum brakes.
  • Five-Year or Seven-Year Parts and Labor Warranty.

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SAF P89 Plus Semi Disc Brakes – Ideal for specialty and vocational tractor trailer fleets

Premium performance design for longer brake pad life for extended service intervals. Features a 7-year warranty.

Sealed bearings for reduced maintenance and increased uptime. Robust North American parallel spindle design for reliable, superior breaking performance.

Braking Performance

Reduced Brake Fade – Traditional brake drums expand away from the brake lining during hard braking, resulting in brake fade. Disc brake rotors expand toward the brake pads during similar braking events, essentially eliminating mechanical brake fade and shortening the stopping distances compared to drum brake systems.

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